The Tanzania HIV Impact Survey (THIS) began fieldwork in November 2016, completed fieldwork in June 2017, and announced results in December 2017. In Tanzania, survey teams visited approximately 15,000 households, interviewed participants, and provided HIV counseling, and testing. Details on the findings can be found below.


Key Preliminary Findings

THIS key preliminary findings among adults ages 15 to 64:

    • HIV incidence: 0.29%
    • HIV prevalence: 5.0%
      (0.4% for children ages 0 to 14)
    • Viral load suppression: 52.0%
    • 90-90-90: 52.2% of PLHIV ages 15 to 64 in Tanzania report knowing their status, 90.9% of those individuals self-report being on ART, and 87.7% of that group are virally suppressed

Tanzania Summary Sheet

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