The Uganda Population-Based HIV Impact Survey (UPHIA), a household-based national survey, was conducted between August 2016 and March 2017 to measure the status of Uganda's national HIV response.

UPHIA offered household-based HIV counseling and testing, with the return of results and referral to clinics
for those who tested HIV positive, and collected information about the uptake of HIV prevention, care, and
treatment services.

The survey team visited over 12,000 households and interviewed over 30,000 adults (15-64 years) and 10,000 children (0-14 years) to collect this information.

The preliminary results were announced in September 2017 and the final report will be released in July 2019.



Key Findings

HIV incidence among adults 15-64 years: 0.40%
HIV prevalence among adults 15-64 years: 6.2%
HIV prevalence among children 0-14 years:0.5%
Viral load suppression among adults 15-64 years living with HIV:59.6%
90-90-90 among adults living with HIV 15 years and older
(based on self-report and ARV detection data):
72.5% of adults living with HIV know their status;
90.4% of those individuals self-report being on anti-retroviral therapy (ART);
83.7% of those who report being on ART have viral load suppression.


UPHIA Final Report


UPHIA Summary Sheet

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