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Kenya Final Report 2018

The Kenya Population-based HIV Impact Assessment 2018 (KENPHIA), a household-based, national survey, was conducted between June 2018 and February 2019 to measure the status of Kenya’s national HIV response. KENPHIA offered home-based testing and counseling with the return of results and collected information about households and individuals’ backgrounds, as well as the uptake of HIV care and treatment services.

KENPHIA’s key goals were to estimate the incidence and prevalence of HIV in Kenya, and to determine the level of viral load suppression (defined as HIV RNA <1,000 copies per milliliter) among the national population of people living with HIV. In addition, the survey measured the coverage and impact of HIV services at the population level and characterized HIV-related risk behaviors using a nationally-representative sample of adults and children.

KENPHIA’s results provide vital information for health policy makers at the national level and for health services implementers within the 47 counties of Kenya on the impact that recent and ongoing HIV programming are having on the HIV epidemic and which areas require further focus in the fight against HIV.








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