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In the Media Rwanda (RPHIA)

May 3, 2020 | In the Media

The New Times: Developments That Shaped the Health Sector in 2019
Results from the RPHIA survey highlighted Rwanda’s remarkable progress towards achieving HIV epidemic control as one of the key health sector developments of the country.

Political Analysis South Africa: Rwanda’s Intervention to Test for and Treat HIV Infection Yields Favourable Results
A study has shown that intervention to test for and treat HIV in Rwanda proved effective in raising viral suppression to very high levels.

KFF: Rwanda On Track to Achieve HIV Epidemic Control, Survey Shows
New data released demonstrates Rwanda’s remarkable progress toward achieving HIV epidemic control.

KT Press: Kigali Has Highest HIV Numbers in the Country – Survey
A new survey released by Rwanda’s Ministry of Health and partners has indicated that the capital Kigali tops other parts of the country with the highest HIV prevalence rate among adults.

The New Times: How Rwanda Has Managed to Keep HIV/AIDS in Check
Five things, including the power of good leadership, are behind Rwanda’s remarkable progress toward achieving HIV epidemic control.

Journal du Cameroun: HIV Program in Rwanda Increasing Viral Suppression
The study entitled Rwanda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (RPHIA) show that Rwanda has made tremendous progress in the HIV response.

Contagion Live: Rwanda Is On Track to Control HIV Epidemic, According to Survey Results
According to results from the Rwanda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (RPHIA), 76% of all adults living with HIV in Rwanda have achieved viral load suppression.

KT Press: Patronage vs. Partnership: Time to Have Better Conversations – Kagame
During the forum, President Kagame said that Rwanda has been working with ICAP at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, together with PEPFAR, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to measure HIV epidemic control.

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