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10th Annual Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2019)

Haas, A. Lessons from PHIA: Late diagnosis and partner risk. 10th IAS Conference on HIV Science. July 21, 2019.

S. Saito, K. Yuengling, S. Jonnalagadda, J. Galbraith, W. Kirungi, M. Eliya, Z. Minisi, N. Hamunime, J. Mushi, A. Rwebembera, A. Mushavi, E.J. Dziuban, E. Gonese, P. Rwehumbiza, K. Hageman, C. Ryan, E. Poirot, H. Patel, E. Kim, E.J. Abrams, S. Modi. Multi-country evaluation of survival and HIV-free survival among children under 3 years of age of women living with HIV in eight sub-Saharan African countries: Results from population-based HIV impact assessments.

S. Ayton, A. Schwitters, J. Mantell1, A. Hakim, S. Hoffman, N. Philip, K. Brown, M. Nzima, D. Barradas, D. Payne, A. Low, PHIA Research Group. Male partner age and HIV infection among young women in cohabitating partnerships in five countries in southern Africa.